Plumbing Myths That Can Cost You Money

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Though owning a house can bring in the greatest happiness and be a key source of pride, there always are a lot of unanticipated issues that take place. Inevitably you’re going to eventually have plumbing systems that develop problems, and it could be difficult to know what should you believe with lots of so-called “professionals” out there providing conflicting information. Plumber Surprise wish to take you through a full list of myths which you may hear so as to keep your house well maintained and wallet in your own pocket.
Chemical drains cleaners are ideal for disinfecting disposal: These kinds of cleaners are quite harsh to eat through the pipes and ruin disposal seal, so ensure to not use them. It is a safer bet for you to mix household products like baking soda and vinegar down your drains or use lime, lemon, or orange peel. This assists with disinfecting the disposal and alleviates funky smell.
Using plunger when a sink is blocked: This Do-It-Yourself has really proven to be quite messy and hazardous, especially if you’ve double sink. In case you’re trying to unblock one drain, you might not cover the second one, causing the clog from the blocked drain to come back to the other. If you choose to use the plunger after pouring chemical cleaner down the drain, you might cause splash-back, which makes the chemical to come back up in drain and can also make a contact with your own eyes, causing potential blindness and injury. Avoid this by not using a plunger ever after you pour down chemicals in your drain.
Disposing the wet wipes in your toilets: One of the key reasons plumber get called for plumbing problems is because the wet wipes are flushed down the toilets. Wet wipes aren’t bio-degradable as toilet paper, and if flushed, they pile up and block the drainage system. All that isn’t toilet paper should be put in trash cans.
Drain is perfectly working if the things go down without problem: It is a good thing to note down that blockages do not occur at once in the plumbing system. It really takes time for things like inappropriate foods, cat litter and wet wipes, to build up in your pipes and lead to their damages. Ensure that your drains remain up to par just by using hair strainer over the shower drains and disposing foods in trash.
Hot water flushes down grease easily: Let us never do so! Grease will stick onto your drains and pipes, and boiling water also will not let it continue its journey via your drains. When hot water will cool over the grease inside your pipes, grease hardens and then will leave a very thick coating in your pipes, causing burst or backed-up pipes. Wipe grease out of the pans or else pour it in plastic container and put it in the garbage can.
Pipes can deal with all weekend guests: In case you’re hosting a Christmas party or are having in-laws for the weekend, then be careful of how lots of times the toilet can get flushed. Your septic or sewer line might not be competent of handling all your guests. You would not even know that until you have checked out the pipes previously. Your septic tank works with all the wastewater inside your house, so this includes your showers and kitchen, not only toilets. If you’ve guests, ensure that you schedule out shower so that the lines have enough time to clear and you might want to consider requesting guests to not flush toilet with every use.


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