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It’s a very humid and hot day. The clothes feel as if they are sticking onto your skin, still it’s supposed to be cooler inside with the Air Conditioner on. It looks like there’s something wrong with the Air Conditioner unit, but does this mean it’s necessary to contact an air conditioner repairing technician? Not always. The air conditioner issues are common, particularly after a very long summer. At times, there are many things that homeowners could do to get the system working again without even spending a dime on AC repair fees.
Check AC settings
Both central and window air units have temperature control thermostat as well as fan-only option. Ensure that dial is set up to cool or thermostat is set up at a temperature that is lower than ambient air temperatures of room. Also, ensure that switch or dial tends to be in “Cool” position, not in “Fan Only” position.
Also check the outdoor electrical box and breaker
Ensure that breaker hasn’t been tripped for central air circuits at breaker box. A few central air systems have outdoor electrical box also with a lever or breaker switch. It is a plastic or metal box on wall near the condenser unit and outdoor fan. Ensure the breaker hasn’t tripped or that lever switch hasn’t been actually tampered with. In summers, be alert that insects might build nests in such boxes. Also, children playing outdoors might discover switch and turn it off.
Check filters and coils
Blocked or dirty coils on outdoor condenser unit may cause an ineffective release of the heat energy, making the AC system work poorly. Dirty filters could do same thing. Clean the filters or change them, then spray the outdoor coils off with garden hose. Technicians utilize a solid-liquid acid to quickly eat away grime which has built on coils, however sometimes cleaning with the garden hose is enough. Clear away any plants, leaves, or objects that might be blocking the free air movement on the outer condenser unit too.
The dirty coils at inside part of the central air unit has to be cleaned professionally by AC Repair Surprise. If no or little air is coming from the vents, although the inner blower fan is turned on, it is probably that indoor coils tend to be blocked by the dirt or are just freezing over and clogging air movement. It’s one thing which does need professional repairs.
Thawing the frozen coils
Shut the compressor to system off by turning up thermostat much higher than present room temperature or else by setting switch to the “Fan Only” mode. Let indoor blower fan work for some hours. Once ice build-up tends to be thawed, the unit will start working again. However, it’s either dirty coils, low refrigerant or a blocked drain which is causing coils to freeze. Yet, this fast fix buys a little time until repair appointment could be made.
The central air conditioning systems can experience big issues such as refrigerant leaks, blower motor malfunctions or failed compressors. However, at times the solution is as simple as removing leaves that are piled against the outer condenser. Take time to check out the system prior to calling for a repair service. It could save you a bundle of your money.
If you would rather not need to deal with the troubleshooting when your key appliances go on fritz, a house warranty can save you hassle, money and time.


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