AC Not Working? Easy Questions You Should Have A Look At!

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Air Conditioner not working at all?
As summer heats up, your Air Conditioner unit gets lots of work. On those humid, hot and hazy summer days, not possessing a functioning AC unit makes homes unbearable generally.
So, how will you know if the AC unit is operating at its peak efficiency and full potential?
Ask yourself some simple questions to decide if the AC is working appropriately.
Is Your AC Unit Very Loud?
A properly functioning and well-maintained air conditioning unit runs efficiently and quietly. A noisy Air Conditioner is a great sign that something isn’t right. If it’s the case, there can be a problem with the condenser fan or compressor motor, which can compromise unit’s efficiency. In this case, you should consult AC experts to find as well as fix the issue.
When Did You Replaced the Air Filter?
In case you see a decline in airflow of the AC unit, the first thing that you wish to check is air filter. Most of the homeowners do not worry about air filter unless there is a problem present already. For dirty filters, your AC unit may run continually, but the home temperature might not cool down. It can be an extremely costly affair when you notice your utility bills at the month’s end. However, the great news is changing an air filter of your ac is a job everyone can perform.
Have You Checked The Breaker Box?
Occasionally, a high-voltage breaker can trip as well as cause the AC system to stop working completely. If this is the problem in your house, flip it back quickly and your system should starting working again. In case it trips for second time, then call for help.
Did You Check Your Thermostat?
At times, the issue is simple, the thermostat may just require fresh batteries set. Look for battery symbol or a light on the thermostat indicate that the batteries have to be changed.
In summer, a straightforward strategy is to simply keep your home warmer than normal while you’re away and setting thermostat to about 78 degrees F only when you’re home and feel that it’s too warm. Certainly, thermostats could be set manually, but programmable thermostats can easily avoid the hassles of needing to remember always to turn it down or up and keep it on your desired setting whole day.
Did You Checked The Outdoor Unit?
Blower running still? If you’ve an outdoor unit, you must be capable to hear and see if fan is on still. If it’s working, that’s likely not an issue. Most homeowners don’t just think that their outer air condenser requires any looking after or maintenance.
A little background: outside portion of the air conditioner, “condenser unit”, is accountable for releasing the heat from your inner air to air outside. Condenser actually removes the heat from your house. Therefore, check it and ensure that it stays free from buildup of debris, dirt and pollen. The best thing that you can do in order to keep the condenser unit working in best shape is to always have yearly AC maintenance done. Another excellent way to safeguard it is to ensure the area surrounding your unit stays clear.
Have You Looked At The Drain Lines?
Is water surrounding indoor unit which could not have come from any other source? If yes, your drain line likely is plugged and you should have a professional air conditioner technician out to evaluate the unit.
What The Temperature Is?
On those terribly hot days, the outer temperature can be very intense for the older systems to work at maximum efficiency. In this case, it can be the right time to call expert AC Repair Surprise.


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