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Our knowledgeable technicians offer commercial, residential and emergency plumbing, electrical & air conditioning services at your scheduled time, you can trust.

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Fully insured and certified technicians, having gone through background checks and giving you appropriate services with latest technology and instruments.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Customer satisfaction is the most important to us at Aqualine Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning. Most companies these days say that,but very few, back it up.

Install and maintain residential & commercial electrical systems, plumbing and air conditioning systems.

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Get quick plumbing, electrical and AC service at your home or office. Our qualified technicians are knowledgeable and experienced.

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Highly trained professionals will give you reliable and professional service and will provide you cost effective solutions at competitive pricing & reliable fixes.

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​Give us a call and get fast, affordable and on time repair / service. Our focus is quality service with satisfaction and safety.

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AC Repair Surprise AZ


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What We Do?

Services for complete home wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, remodeling, outdoor/landscape lighting with cost effective solutions & competitive pricing.


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Aqualine Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning LLC

Home, a place full of happiness. Nothing comforts you more than your own house. Human beings require maintenance. And just like that your homes too. A place with proper electrical, plumbing and conditioning is a good home. You would never want a home with no power or no plumbing services. Even after your home has everything fitted, problems will never go out of the way. These services are hard to be cured by a normal person. You can't just start curing these problems on your own. The more you will try to cure, the more it will get complicated. In order to resolve these issues, all you need is experts. Experts who would cure your problems in minutes. Experts who have a knowledge about these things.

You can't just call a random workers to resolve these issues. You should call the best, to be sure that they doesn't harm your appliances. Their are a lot of workers out there. But you will meet only a few with proper idea. Some will break the promise that will be their to cure your problems, others will not give provide you proper services. To overcome this issue, always call a known workers. A known workers will be someone who knows how to cure and who is their on time.

Electrician Surprise AZ is a one step solution for all your electrical problems. We know how annoying it becomes when your fan, lights or even power supply starts working improperly. Tackling these issues during summers is the worst thing to do. Imagine you have been through hot & tired day, all you would want is to relax under a fan. But then you realize that your fan is not working. Won't that frustrate you? Don't worry! Electrician Surprise are there for you. Promising the best quality work. We are known for our punctuality. Whenever you get into any electrical problems, Surprise Electrician will resolve it. We are just one call away from you. The moment you will Electrician Surprise AZ, you will have us. We take less than an hour to reach at your place. And if we don't, we work for free. Our services includes all the electrical problems. Whether you have brought a new home or you have an old one. Surprise Electrician know how to resolve your problems. Let it be changing of the wiring or fitting of electrical systems in your house. Electrician Surprise company offers tons of services.

Not only this, Plumber Surprise company is also known for plumbing services. You won't ever want your home flooded with water all over. Plumbing services are very hard to handle. A small problem leads to a huge mess. Plumber Surprise AZ is there for all the plumbing related issues. Even a little leakage in tap can waste a lot of water. Don't wait until the problems get bigger. The bigger it will be, the more it will cost. Always remember to call Surprise Plumber and get rid of all plumbing problems. Our plumbing services includes repair of broken faucets, fitting of new faucets. We can even fit water tanks at your place. Whether you want to change your old worn out faucets or pipes our services will never disappoint you. Plumber Surprise is the best in town. Making our customers happy is the only agenda we have. We work until you are satisfied. Unlike other plumbers, we won't mess up your home. Our workers clean the mess they have created. Since our employees are experts, your problems will be resolved in the soonest way possible. Plumber Surprise AZ company offers bathroom and kitchen sink fittings. Our employees will provide the best things according to your interiors. You can even book us for your home check-ups. Home check-ups will make your aware about plumbing problems.

ACs are something you can't live without. They make your summers easy. ACs are very costly. To make sure that they last for a long time, it's important to take care of them. Whenever you see something unusual in your AC, you should call a worker instantly. A small delay in time can lead to severe damages. You can always trust AC Repair Surprise AZ for AC repairing. Our workers will be at your doorstep at any moment. At Surprise AC Repair, you can enjoy fitting services and repairing for AC. We have experts who know all about AC. If you ever want advices related to ACs, they will be their to assist you. We know how much it takes to earn. Keeping your AC safe is our motto. Now you need not to take risk by calling unknown workers. AC Repair Surprise is one way for repairing every type of ACs.

Plumber Surprise AZ
Surprise AC Repair
AC Repair Surprise

Plumber Surprise AZ firm is best in curing your electrical, plumbing and AC problems. You need not to call different workers for these work. We are providing one stop for all this issue. Our company has divided into three sectors. These sectors are of AC, plumbing and electrical workers. Each of them being the best in their field. Their years of knowledge make them do the quality work. We are the best repairers in town. There are many workers in the market. But our unique services make us best in everything we do. You might be thinking what services makes us unique. Here's a list of the things that make us different from other repairers:

  • Our rates attracts the customers
    Surprise AC Repair firm believes in providing the best work at least rates. Unlike other workers we never charge extra for things like visiting charges or spare parts charges. Our rates are fixed and includes everything in it. Whether visiting rates or any other charges. You will never feel like paying extra with us. You will get a lot of services at a very least rates. Plumber Surprise AZ won't burden you for paying a huge amount from your pocket. You will always pay the actual rates with us.
  • Surprise Plumber provide quality work
    You won't ever regret call us. Our work is incomparable. You won't ever be disappointed by our services. We use the best quality spare parts. Unlike other repairers, we never use local parts. Since the workers are experienced, they do their best to cure a problem. Others workers would take and your money and saying that problem is too big to get cured. Surprise Plumber experts will charge money only if the problem is cured.
  • Plumber Surprise AZ work until you are satisfied
    We have trained our employees to serve the best work. Even in case you don't feel that the work is accurate, we rework for you. We don't take extra any charges for reworking these such cases. Other workers would charge for each time they would work for you.
  • Our guarantee services will not let you worry about anything
    Sometimes it happens that even after the work is done, the same problem arises again. In such cases other workers demand an extra charge for the repairing. We provide guarantee periods. If any problems arises during that time, our workers will not charge anything from you. Cards are provided which make sure about validity of you services.
  • With Surprise AC Repair you are safe
    We always check the background of the employees before hiring. This makes sure that you are safe. Surprise Plumber provides them ID cards to relieve you from the stress of any fraud case. If any of your utensils gets damaged or stolen in the presence of our workers, we pay on their behalf. We know how important your utensils are to you, we won't give any chance to worry about them.
  • Electrician Surprise AZ company has a lot of offers and discounts available for you
    Our firm offers tons of discounts and benefits. Offers are for valid for old customer as well as for a new one. With Surprise Plumber, offers will always knock at your door. You can enjoy offers for using like using our services for the first time. If you are coming to us through some reference, there is a special offer provided in this case. There are different offers for different seasons and festivals. Surprise AC Repair even provide coupons which can be used for your next repair services. You can sign up on our website. By this you will be updated with all the offers available.
  • Online booking facility
    AC Repair Surprise AZ offer online booking facilities. In this way, you can book us from anywhere and at anytime. You don't have to visit us for booking. You will just need a good internet speed. Our booking services offers pre-booking facilities. By this you can book us whenever you are free.
  • Surprise AC Repair work all days a week just to serve you better
    Our employees work all days a week. Whether it's a weekend or any festival, we will be their to assist you. Electrician Surprise AZ works 365 days a year in order to serve you the best. No other repairers provide such services.
  • We don't bother you for anything
    Surprise Electrician never bother our customers for anything. The time you will relax our workers will be done by their work. Other workers never carry spare parts with them. They ask you to bring all that. We never do such thing. Our workers carry each and everything required for the repairing. So, all you have to do is to relax. They will come and do their job efficiently.
  • AC Repair Surprise AZ website contains all the reviews
    We have an online website. You will get all the reviews given by our customers. In this way, you can be sure before booking AC Repair Surprise. The feedbacks given by them will help you to know us better. You can even compare our ratings with that of the other repairers.
  • We provide emergency services
    Electrician Surprise AZ company has emergency services available for you. Through this you can book us anything you want to. No matter if it is day or night, we are always their for emergencies. You can avail this service by calling us on our number. We will be their at your place as soon as possible.
  • Our workers also give advices
    The employees of Surprise Electrician company knows about every brand. If you have renovated your home, you might be thinking which brand you should choose? Our workers will assist you with this problem. They will provide the best advices to you. Not only this, we will even provide you discounts for that brand. AC Repair Surprise AZ have a many partners linked with a lot of brands. This will let you save a lot of money.

So, what are you waiting for! Choose AC Repair Surprise AZ and get your home repaired. If you any queries related to our work, call Surprise Electrician. One of our employees will be their to assist you. Book us soon, you never know which offer is waiting for you.

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We give special care to achieve perfection in every service. The result is that systems become better than before. Our customers thank themselves for choosing us over the others.

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Customer Reviews

I called this company and booked an electrician as my washing machine was making some strange noises. The electrician came very quickly and looked into it. He fixed my washing machine in few hours. I was very satisfied with the service he gave me. ​

Robert Smith​

When I used the services of this company for my broken taps, I had the most amazing experience. I was very pleased with the way the plumber from this company handled my problem.

Tom Eden​